ICOHIRP are delighted to announce Policy solutions for oral health inequalities Monograph (launched at the ICOHIRP 2017 Conference).
Professor Richard Watt
University College London
For many decades scientific evidence has been mounting describing the nature and extent of oral health inequalities across the globe. Unfair, unjust and unacceptable differences in oral health status persist and in many settings are worsening. It is time for action to address this pressing public health challenge – we know what the problem is, we now need to deal with it. 
Professor Sir Michael Marmot
University College London
Professor Kevin Fenton
Public Health England
Oral Diseases really matter. Globally, billions of people suffer from untreated dental decay. Worldwide, untreated decay in permanent teeth is the most prevalent disease, and severe gum disease is the sixth most common disease. Oral and dental diseases afflict almost everyone. They begin in the very young and lead to substantial dental morbidity and functional problems among older people. Throughout the lifespan, dental diseases negatively impact on quality of life and social functioning.
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Social inequalities in oral health: from evidence to action

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ICOHIRP are delighted to announce the arrival of the Social inequalities in oral health: from evidence to action Monograph (launched at the ICOHIRP Launch Conference).