We held a launch conference in London at the Royal College of General Practitioners in partnership with Public Health England.



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Professor Richard G Watt
University College London
Opening Remarks
Professor Sir Michael Marmot
University College London
Keynote: Tackling Health Inequalities
Professor James Nazroo
 University of Manchester

Keynote: Health & Social inequalities in an ageing population 

Session 1: Nature and Impact of Oral Health Inequalities

Professor Jimmy Steele
University of Newcastle
Patterns and treads in oral health inequalities in high income countries
Dr Manu Mathur
Public Health Foundation of India
Oral health inequalities in middle and low income countries
Dr Stefan Listl
University of Heidelberg
Economic impact of oral health inequalities

Session 2: Determinants of Oral Health Inequalities

Dr Anja Heilman
University College London
Life course perspectives on oral health inequalities
Professor Marco Peres
University of Adelaide
Pyschosocial determinants of oral health inequalities 

Session 3 Implications - Policy, Research & Training

Dr Sebastian Ziller
German Dental Association
Policy implications for tackling oral health inequalities 
Professor Harold Sgan-Cohen
Hebrew University Hadassah
Future research agenda on oral health inequalities 
Professor Lone Schou
University of Copenhagen
Training next generation of dental professionals on oral health equity 

ICOHIRP Launch Conference

Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Square, NW1 2FB, London, UK
​Conference Documents:

List of Posters: 


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Photographs courtesy of
Dr Antiopi Ntouva